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Our RIPCO Parking Garage team specializes in representing landlords, developers and parking garage operators in the sale, lease or management of parking opportunities. While primarily focused on the NY Metro area, we also represent landlords and parking garage operators along the east coast. As commercial real estate brokers, we leverage our existing relationships and experience to unify opportunities between all clients. We focus on urban parking garages, surface parking lots, off-airport parking, medical parking, and educational facility parking.

For Landlords/Developers/Sellers, we use strategic marketing approaches through our RFP process or direct to tenants/buyers to highlight each opportunity. Parking is often overlooked as a means of generating substantial revenue especially in new developments. Based on market knowledge and through the use our internal database we make sure that our clients assets are marketed correctly whether for sale or lease in order to maximize the value of their assets.

For Parking Garage Operators/Buyers, we listen to our clients requirements and identify potential opportunities based their specific needs. This involves an extensive process of canvassing opportunities, both on the market and off market, in order to find the perfect property. We assist in all processes from start until finish to help facilitate a successful transaction.

As a leader in commercial real estate, we understand the value that parking brings to any asset, and we strive to exceed the requirements of all of our clients in the real estate sector.

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