Ben Sabin Named Among Commercial Observer’s 2023 Top Young Professionals


Congratulations to Ben Sabin, Managing Director of RIPCO’s Manhattan office, in being named among Commercial Observer’s 2023 Top Young Professionals. Under the guidance and mentorship of Vice Chairman Richard Skulnik and Vice President Lindsay Zegans, Sabin has worked on deals with high-profile brands such as legendary leather jacket maker Schott NYC, in its relocation to 32 Howard Street in SoHo, where he represented landlord Greg Kraut’s KPG Funds. Additionally, Sabin helped arrange a deal with clothing brand Mack Weldon for 944 square feet at 317 Bleecker Street in the West Village.

In an interview with Commercial Observer, Sabin shared his insights regarding his professional journey:

“I don’t have the personality to sit behind a desk and plug away for hours and hours. I’m a people person. I was very fortunate. … I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be in commercial real estate. I’m not sure that you do unless your family is in the business that you grow up wanting a commercial real estate career.”

The lockdowns in 2020 amid the onset of COVID was a time in which Sabin believes he could have been less lucky, a time when many brokers were being furloughed and development stalled for many newcomers to the field.

“In 2020, when I was supposed to be hitting my stride, the world shut down.. I took the opportunity, because there wasn’t as much transactional work going on, to take a Cornell University online real estate course just to stay well-rounded. In addition to that, I still had the opportunity to get in front of decision-makers, CEOs and owners of companies. … I wasn’t making deals with those people in 2020, but I was building relationships.”

RIPCO is proud of Sabin’s accomplishments and we look forward to his bright future ahead!

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