Evan Schuckman

Evan Schuckman

Executive Vice President

Crown Acquisitions
Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation
Acadia Realty Trust
Norse Realty Group
Rhodes Building Management, Inc.
ISJ Management
ACHS Management
JEM Realty Management
Ponce Bank

Orangetheory Fitness
PLS Financial Services & Check Cashing
Foot Locker
Kids Foot Locker
Ponce Bank
Metro by T-Mobile

Evan Schuckman is an Executive Vice President at RIPCO Real Estate, specializing in landlord and tenant representation throughout the New York Metropolitan region for well over 10 years. Prior to that, he spent several years in the greater Los Angeles area with the retail brokerage division of CBRE.

Since joining RIPCO in 2017, Evan exclusively oversees several national retailer accounts in the New York Metro area – including T-Mobile, and Footlocker – advising them on their retail relocation and expansion strategies. He has a notable record of hundreds of executed lease transactions, and in the ever-changing industry landscape, is known amongst his peers as a trusted source for accurate and up-to-date market information, specifically for the counties of Long island, and New York City’s five boroughs.


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