Internal Collaborative Platform Leads to Client Success


RIPCO’s internal platform, which champions knowledge-sharing and cultivates cross-collaborative relationships within the company has led to continued client success. The synergies between investment sales, leasing and financing provide tremendous value to our clients across multiple markets. In a recent interview with Commercial Observer, our team shares why this platform has been a winning formula for success.

“RIPCO is like a championship basketball team — passing the ball whenever we can and hitting the open man for a teamwork-driven score. We’re a passing team. That deep sense of teamwork leads to wins for our clients and for all of us here at RIPCO.”

– Peter Ripka, Co-founder

“Each office has their own powerful local presence. Since we have physical offices in each of the major trade areas through the tri-state region, each office has their own experienced and well-rounded team. It’s a lot different than in companies where somebody may be sitting in Manhattan, but they’re being referred deals in Long Island or New Jersey, where they’re not as proficient. We have a full set of synergistic resources in all of these markets, which makes it seamless and expeditious to throw business back and forth, ultimately executing at the highest levels.”

– Stephen R. Preuss, Vice President Investment Sales

“RIPCO’s capital markets business is incredibly compelling. And not just for Stephen and I, but for the company, because RIPCO creates a much stronger value-add for our clients when we transact across different levels. That opens up a wealth of opportunities for our clients. And when our clients are happy, everybody wins.”

– Stephen Sperandio, Executive Managing Director and Head of Debt & Structured Finance

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