Caroline Cheng

Caroline Cheng


Aetna Realty
Westwood Financial

Halcyon Art Gallery
Hemarus Plasma
Home Consignment Center
Mayweather Fitness
Thrive Pet Healthcare

Caroline Cheng will focus on both Landlord and Tenant representation. Prior to joining RIPCO, Cheng worked as a Director of Retail Leasing at Franklin Street, a commercial real estate, capital insurance and leasing and management firm in Tampa, Florida. With over 15 years working in commercial real estate, Cheng has experience specializing in deal making and transaction management. She has leased kiosk space for the second largest REIT in the U.S., served as a Real Estate Manager at Checkers to expand their corporate footprint and four franchised brands including former Global Franchise Group (Great American Cookies, Pretzelmaker, Marble Slab Creamery and Hot Dog on a Stick), and has over six years as an independent broker for national and franchised retailers. Cheng is also a member of ICSC.


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