Gurjote Sethi

Gurjote Sethi

Advisor, Investment Sales

Coming from an immigrant family who settled in New Jersey, real estate ownership always felt inaccessible to Gurjote. However, his extensive background and dedication to increasing accessibility in real estate has made him a valuable resource for those interested in building generational wealth through property ownership. As a Real Estate Advisor in Investment Sales at RIPCO, Gurjote is committed to providing comprehensive guidance to property owners and new investors.

Prior to joining RIPCO, Gurjote has had a successful career spanning various industries. His expertise includes M&A Consulting, Tech, Hospitality, and Opco Leadership. This diverse experience provides him with a broad understanding of different sectors and the ability to offer comprehensive advice to his clients.

Gurjote’s education at Georgia Tech and his personal experience as a multifamily investor further strengthen his knowledge and expertise in the real estate market.


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