ICSC Vegas 2022: “We Are Better Together”


After a 2-year hiatus, we at RIPCO had a great time making new connections and catching up with old ones at this year’s ICSC Vegas show! As we reflect on this year’s convention, we wanted to share these thoughts from our fearless co-founder, Peter Ripka:

“I am naturally optimistic and it’s my strong overriding sense that this year’s ICSC Vegas was great for all of us at RIPCO and everyone who attended. There is simply no substitution for getting together, meeting new people, renewing relationships, sharing thoughts and ideas, and learning from so many. There is a spirit at ICSC that allows for both working through existing deals, and perhaps equally if not more important, the dreaming of new ones. The spontaneous interactions in the convention center, at the hotel bar, the pool, at the airplane gate, and anywhere in between, are all places where this magic can happen—where ideas turn into the beginning of deals, strangers become clients, and clients often become friends.

Our world has become more complex and challenging to navigate in recent times, but I feel comforted knowing there are so many good people that will help us not only to get through difficult times but to succeed together. People in RIPCO know that I often say we are “better together” and I feel the same way about Vegas especially this first year back – that the power of the ICSC convention is grounded in the fact that we are all BETTER TOGETHER.”


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