Manhattan Deals are Journeys

This is one of my favorite lines to tell our clients. I say it to them because it’s a warning about the ups and downs and curves that happen during a Manhattan retail leasing deal. One never knows who or what is going on behind the scenes as the negotiation moves along during the deal. In the suburbs, it is just easier to read the landscape because most deals are pretty straightforward. There are far fewer expanding retailers in the suburbs so it is easier to feel whether or not there is competition for the space.

01/18/2013 | Retail News

Apple / Ridge Hill

It’s probably worth starting out this blog with perhaps the greatest retailer of all time: Apple - they have shattered sales-per-square-foot records. So, to add an Apple store to a development project is a game changer. In the suburbs of metro New York (excluding NYC), there are 17 Apple stores. They tend to operate in the best regional malls.

01/18/2013 | Retail News


This blog is dedicated to retail real estate throughout New York City and the metro New York area. It’s Ripco’s forum for sharing stories and anecdotes about retailers, developers, shopping centers, storefronts, the brokerage community and everything else that makes up the exciting arena of retail real estate. One thing is for certain: The New York metro market has had excellent activity in spite of the recession, and there are many interesting developments, dreams and events that are shaping the market going forward.

01/18/2013 | Retail News


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