Looking Good, Feeling Good

looking good_dan akroyd        looking good_eddie murphy
Louis:  "Looking good, Billy Ray!"                Billy Ray:  "Feeling good, Louis!"
These are great lines at the end of Paramount Pictures' Trading Places, when Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd fool the Dukes and end up with all of the money.  Well, making people feel good and look good is one of the tricks these days for retailers to be successful, and the proliferation of health clubs helps proves the point.  The metro New York trade area has seen a wave of health clubs over the last five years:  All sizes, all concepts.  Here are a few that are currently expanding:  LA Fitness, Equinox, Blink, Soul Cycle, Fly Wheel, Lifetime Fitness, 24 Hours Fitness, NY Sports, Planet Fitness, and more.  It used to be that health clubs were viewed as a tenant of the last resort.  Though today, I view them as an excellent tenant for a building, a neighborhood, and a shopping center.  They are an amenity for a residential or office building as people like to have a convenient place to exercise close to where they live or work, and the people they bring to the shopping center will often eat and/or shop before or after they exercise.
For a shopping center, it is important to consider how a health club impacts parking.  Though with proper planning, this obstacle can be overcome.  I am a big proponent of health clubs; after all, people can't buy muscles and improve their health over the internet.
01/18/2013 | Retail News
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