Is it Throgs Neck or Throggs Neck, Bronx?

Throgs Neck Bridge signThroggs Neck Book Cover

Throggs Neck is a largely affluent residential section of the Bronx where we are now leasing the Target anchored Throggs Neck Shopping Center, which is currently under construction. In doing our due diligence for the leasing, we wanted to make sure we spelled “Throggs Neck” correctly. The reason for concern was that the highways surrounding the shopping center say “Throgs Neck” with just one “g” while the town spells it with two. Our research found that one of NYC’s legendary political figures Robert Moses, who built many of our bridges and highways (and is the subject of a great book called The Power Broker), decided that spelling it with two “g’s” was too long for the highway signs. So on his own, he told the sign makers to just use one. Crazy. Needless to say, we will go with the two Gs.

The Throggs Neck Shopping Center will be anchored by Target and TJ Maxx. There will be both open air and enclosed parking for 900 cars total. The shopping center has a contemporary design and should turn out to be what I call a “jammer” meaning it will be very busy, or it “jams”. We are working with and looking for all types of retailers including banks, small service retailers and restaurants. With Target generating traffic and the excellent highway access from the Hutchinson River Parkway, we expect Throggs Neck to be a huge success.

 Throggs Neck Shopping Center_rendering

01/29/2013 | Retail News
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